The World is Based on Beef

For the strong willed man creatively nourished
by the world's and his own essential cruelty, beef is manna.

To relish the sight of beef stewing in oily, fat beaded juices
and savor the naked flesh taste ever so reminiscent of primal origins
is to fully realize, at least intuitively,
that beef is an integral part of the human immunity system,
obviously rooted in basic genetic structures and the collective unconscious.
Thus, beef functions as an inoculating poison
which must be regularly consumed
to nullify far greater, malignant poisons.

Burgers in diners
stew by the hearth
steaks at cookouts
roasted ox in the halls of royalty
the enticing image of Bossy the Bountiful Bovine
with dotted lines denoting the boundaries of various cuts
flashing above a West Texas steakhouse . . .

As blood flows through our veins
we will seek physical and spiritual sustenance
from the scarlet shanks of those halcyon beasts of slaughter
who graze and sleep and shit and procreate
so that we may perpetuate the beef totems
at the root of our Western mythology.

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