Staircase Seen Through Portal


  1. Adam,

    Photography must be your true "metier." You get better on a quotidien daily basis. This is the best photograph by "ANYONE" that I have seen in years. You have somehow managed to "inject" Surrealism into a sentient existent non-irreducible "FACT!" That is "ART" of the highest level. I dig Big Sky brooklyn "da most!"

  2. Adam,

    I shit you not. You are a total professional at this point. You are as good as any of those "fuckers' working for The NY TIMES or The NY POST, or THE LONDON TIMES.

    Shit man...the contemporary urban landscape and soulscape are becoming "ONE" in
    your vision, "ONE" in your viewfinder. "ONE" upon the two-dimension space of your exposures, croppings, fiddle-ings, "ONE" in your finished artifacts of the "image itself."

    Bravo, Adam, Bravo.