Ode to Corrugated Metal

Flimsy ribbed fences listing in the wind
the sound like docked boats banging together gently

Horace Greeley’s Grave/Goose in Grass (Green-Wood Cemetery: Part 3)

Horace Greeley (1811 – 1872) was a famous newspaper editor and politician, best known for saying, “Go west young man.” The monument, though ravaged by black streaks and time, is still etched with that look of resolve Victorian gentlemen favored in their personal statuary (apparent throughout Green-Wood Cemetery).

Greeley’s Grave in Green-Wood is located at one of the cemetery’s highest points, overlooking Bush Terminal (Pictures . . . History . . . More on BSB: No. 1 . . . No. 2).

Go North Young Man: A groundskeeper grooms the majestic burial site

Serene Nature (Seamless Adaptation): Goose in the grass, at the foot of a family plot, paying homage to the clan

(Green-Wood Cemetery: Part 1 . . . Part 2)


Birds on Crane

Birds alighting
a crane boom and cable
by the canal

Grand Army Plaza/Library (Monumental Brooklyn: No. 2)

Neptune and friends carouse in the fountain at Grand Army Plaza

Lincoln on horseback, the arch at Grand Army Plaza

Union soldiers massed alongside winged gods (sacrifice, virtue . . . the American Ideal triumphs)

Look: a satellite dish is reflected in the top-middle of the picture

In-spired (No. 3)

Sunset, day before spring


Dead Horse Bay/Floyd Bennett Field (Brooklyn by the Sea: Part 3)

Dead Horse Bay and Floyd Bennett Field, like Plumb Beach, are part of the Gateway National Recreation Area.

Dead Horse Bay’s main attraction is its vintage garbage (Video).

The Historic Aircraft Restoration Project (H.A.R.P.) is a unique museum and active workshop in an old hangar at Floyd Bennett Field. The volunteer staff there is devoted to the history and preservation of American aviation. They can be remarkably friendly and informative, showing their appreciation to visitors who make the trek to this obscure corner of Brooklyn.

SLIDESHOW – Brooklyn by the Sea (Flickr)

Plumb Beach & Vicinity (Brooklyn by the Sea: Part 2)

Official Plumb Beach: A shuttered rest stop (click for Plumb Beach history)

Sewage treatment plant on Knapp St.

“Ever Vigilant in Protecting Nature’s Precious Resource. Through Applied Technology We are Purifying our Water.”

Marina on Plumb Beach Channel, Gerritsen Beach

Gerritsen Beach

Houses on Plumb Beach Channel

Condos on Emmons Ave., Sheepshead Bay

Gulls trail a pleasure craft motoring through Sheepshead Bay

Neighbors: Derelict backyard of motel next to beach

Unofficial entrance to the beach (Kingsborough College lighthouse in background)

Sunset: Assisted Living Facilities surround the wasteland where Plumb Beach meets Sheepshead Bay

SLIDESHOW – Brooklyn by the Sea (Flickr)