Cemetery Fringes (Part 2)

Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Maspeth, Queens is the one at the top, separated from the northern half of Lutheran Cemetery by the diagonal road (Elliot Ave.). This “garden cemetery,” with rolling hills and lush vegetation, has an interesting jagged perimeter.

There are 29 cemeteries in Queens, where more than five million people are buried. That’s almost three times the borough’s current living population, many of whom live on the fringes of the “Cemetery Belt.”

A house with a cemetery for its extended back yard is not uncommon in Queens (click image to enlarge).

Snaking off mighty Metropolitan Ave., right near Lutheran Cemetery, is Admiral Ave., which leads to an alley, which leads to the tracks.

This is the alley-like street off Admiral Ave. (Terrace Court). Notice the freshly opened beer in the foreground. If you click the picture to enlarge it, you can also see some balloons (above the red car). It was Saturday afternoon and a kiddy party was in progress while I was doing my “work.”

Calvary Cemetery in Maspeth, Queens

Cemetery Nook: Street level view of what appears as a sharp right angle on the satellite photo. Notice the melange of textures that converge in the corner: two different stone walls, a metal fence, some scraggly vegetation and some trash.