Hello from Green-Wood Cemetery (Part 2)

Here comes the bride

My grave’s cooler than your grave

Here lies Boss Tweed

What next, touchscreen tombstones? (“Press here for auto-eulogy")

Let’s have some people over for drinks (tell them to bring flowers)

Tranquility Gardens (exterior)

Tranquility Gardens (interior)

The Chapel

Rules is rules

The Catacombs (interior)

The Catacombs (exterior)

View of the Jackie Gleason Bus Depot on 5th Ave.

Hello from Green-Wood (Part 1)


  1. You, and I, and only fuckin' David Denby seem to remember Boss Tweed. I am "geeking, freaking, and window peaking as quick as you can say 'BOB'S YOUR UNCLE!!!!!!"

  2. Great photos...LOVE the captions!

    B.T.W- I went to a salute to the Bowery/Low Life theme thing at the Howl Fest last weekend and a drag king named "Sweetie" did an amazing Boss Tweed impersonation....she/he was a singing Boss Tweed, it was sort of vaudeville but she looked just like him, i had no idea it was woman until someone told i guess what i'm sayin' is a lot of people remember Boss Tweed....!