Horace Greeley’s Grave/Goose in Grass (Green-Wood Cemetery: Part 3)

Horace Greeley (1811 – 1872) was a famous newspaper editor and politician, best known for saying, “Go west young man.” The monument, though ravaged by black streaks and time, is still etched with that look of resolve Victorian gentlemen favored in their personal statuary (apparent throughout Green-Wood Cemetery).

Greeley’s Grave in Green-Wood is located at one of the cemetery’s highest points, overlooking Bush Terminal (Pictures . . . History . . . More on BSB: No. 1 . . . No. 2).

Go North Young Man: A groundskeeper grooms the majestic burial site

Serene Nature (Seamless Adaptation): Goose in the grass, at the foot of a family plot, paying homage to the clan

(Green-Wood Cemetery: Part 1 . . . Part 2)

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