Plumb Beach & Vicinity (Brooklyn by the Sea: Part 2)

Official Plumb Beach: A shuttered rest stop (click for Plumb Beach history)

Sewage treatment plant on Knapp St.

“Ever Vigilant in Protecting Nature’s Precious Resource. Through Applied Technology We are Purifying our Water.”

Marina on Plumb Beach Channel, Gerritsen Beach

Gerritsen Beach

Houses on Plumb Beach Channel

Condos on Emmons Ave., Sheepshead Bay

Gulls trail a pleasure craft motoring through Sheepshead Bay

Neighbors: Derelict backyard of motel next to beach

Unofficial entrance to the beach (Kingsborough College lighthouse in background)

Sunset: Assisted Living Facilities surround the wasteland where Plumb Beach meets Sheepshead Bay

SLIDESHOW – Brooklyn by the Sea (Flickr)

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  1. Janice Dougherty12/28/10, 9:01 PM

    Plumb Beach has always been disrespected and disregarded by its own users. And now that the ocean storm undermined the Belt Parkway, you may as well have done the funeral brochure! I hope you get some acknowledgment for your work.