Third Avenue Flea Market

The Third Avenue Flea Market is located in the middle of a remote stretch of Gowanus. It’s as if the owners intentionally set out to find a location almost devoid of foot traffic. But that’s a plus for the consumer as there’s ample room to browse undisturbed; you’ll never have to contend with other bargain hunters for the choicest goods. The place makes up for its lack of human vitality with a certain hysterical plenitude that suggests unlimited possibilities. It’s a colorful, cluttered cemetery of commercial failure, a bonanza of surplus uselessness that never fails to give me frissons whenever I visit. I often imagine I could be a regular there, not unlike the people you see hanging out at delis and garages—drinking coffee, kibitzing, and basking in the warm glow of stimulating, familiar surroundings.


  1. Adam,

    You have the BEST TAKE ON AMERICA OF ANY LIVING CITIZEN OF THESE PARTS. You put the fools to shame...and when you piss into their albino beards and bald pates...I assure you Gregorious...IT is from a Godly height!



    I am the silent friend of those who labour in the barren field.

    I am the ivy of eternal misery upon the leperous wall of love.

  2. CM - I resent that remark. I may be a fool, but I am one of the GOOD fools. And...and...one day you will wish you hadn't made fun of bald people.