Gentrification Haiku

Modern buildings among
rows of old ones
begs the question of “progress”


  1. Alas...Gentrification is a horror...indeed a "horror-show."

    ..BUT... man-o-man little buddy...wouldn't one of those spanking new, pristine, perfectly
    appointed, beautiful 1,200 square foot cribs with picture windows and a balcony, a high-colonic machine, a bidet, a towel-warmer, and a "svitz-steam-bath" and a jacuzzi be a "kick-in-the head???"

    ...not to mention a chamber-maid to come in 3 X times a week for 4 hours to clean, dust, clean the bathroom and kitchen, do the dishes,laundry, iron, take-out the garbage and fill the fridge with with eight cases of Beck's Dark and Guinness.

    Are you "feeling me little brother?"

    The bards....junketing in comfort lke FDR and Rockefeller on a sunny afternoon back in the "halcyon days of yore."

    the bards in aspic. The bards in Blue Skies Smiles at thee, and me...



  2. Indeed it would, muthafucka. Anti-gentrification screeds--the rhetorical equivalent of supermarket flyers (so frequent, so mundane)--coming from the have-nots is all so much resentement. What is it they say?: "A Republican is just a liberal with money."