Mt. Zion Cemetery (Queens)

Mt. Zion is on the right. On the left is New Calvary Cemetery.

Next to the cemetery is a Dept. of Sanitation (DSNY) incinerator.

For the residents of bordering Maurice Ave., Mt. Zion is conveniently located.

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DSNY parking lots.

Looking down at the base of the DSNY incinerator.

A row of garbage trucks—a fraction of the large fleet parked at the complex.

Mid-March: Plows at the ready.

Pile of plows.

Garbage-strewn vegetation at parking lot edge.

Look what I found among the garbage. (What’s been going on there?)


  1. RR (“Piano Man”)5/21/09, 3:25 AM

    I digs me some cemetery photos. The encroachment of industry on the final resting place thing never gets old. Should I go on about how sublime and so on? Better we should address your being in Queens for a Brooklyn thing. Anyway I looked at your silly picture project.

  2. I really enjoyed your site and spent way too long looking at it (I recently moved to Miami but born n' raised in nyc and missing it something fierce). I've always been kind of drawn to abandoned or just ignored between spaces, and I think you've done an amazing job framing some of them. Inspiring. (And I hope you got professionally irradiated after touching that bondage gear.) I've always had this notion that meridians, roadsides, border tracts . . . can't BE blank. There must be something there, it's just very hard to see, to focus on. I think you're working with that.

  3. I think it's DISGUSTING that a Garbage dump...etc is located so close to a person's final resting place. From a Religious point of view, a cemetery, regardless of the Religious affiliation, is a SACRED PLACE.
    Thank You for enlightening us all. May all those resting in Mt. Zion and Calvary Cemeteries rest in peace.
    Ben Heed, Coventry, RI
    Personal Note: My Grandparents rest in Calvary Cemetery.

  4. Oh please! The physical location or the neighboring agencies are not as offensive as the lack of maintenance. All the graves along the border of Maurice Avenue are crammed together and falling over. The overgrowth is shameful. No one ever cleans or maintains this cemetary. There are lizards and rats everywhere. It is almost hard to believe it is cemetary still accepting clients and not a 'forgotten' cemetary.

    The dead can't smell the garbage or see the ugly background, but their relatives should not have to come to whack weeds and dodge creepy crawlies.

  5. Well, someone ought to clean up the garbage at least. That's just nasty.

    This is the most crowded cemetery I've ever seen (Zion). The contrast is so striking when you compare it to the neighboring cemetery in the aerial views. Great collection of shots.