Only in Brooklyn: Guard Dogs on Rooftops

Guard dogs on rooftops follow your path
running along the ledge, barking nonstop.
I heard about someone in a nearby building
who threw a steak on the roof to shut the dog up
and for the rest of the night it was quiet.


  1. Ive been guilty of throwing a steak and some bones to barking dogs in the neighborhood. helps me get to sleep. lol.

  2. I just want to say, I LOVE your blog. The very best. It's such a great relief from lame Brooklyn blogs that are all about upper-middle-class real estate transactions. THANK YOU for reminding us all that there's more to Brooklyn than the chattering class.

  3. Hey, BSB,
    Beautiful stuff! Even though I am a Jersey girl, I can appreciate the meditations here.

    Carrie S.

  4. Hey, I know where that dog resides! That's like the corner of Luquer and Hamilton ave near Red Hook.

    Scared me shitless once when I came around the corner walking my own 50 pound attack labrador.

    Nice work on the blog!