In the Industrial Zone

There is no country in the world where machinery is so lovely as in America.

—Oscar Wilde

In the industrial zone, certain truths—not necessarily related to the surroundings—reveal themselves.

Some of the companies I passed: pipes, plumbing supplies, paper, recycling, waste disposal, Chinese food distribution, lumber, marble, floor coverings/linoleum, machine tools, valves, oil refining, oil recovery, plastics, garbage/shopping bags, windows and doors, building supplies, live poultry, roof tiles, steel doors, lamp importer, produce, store gates and iron work.

Chinese Economic Miracle (The Price of Globalization)

A trip down to the engine room, for a glimpse at the gears.

Concrete: the most prevalent manmade substance
Brooklyn IS concrete

Crossing the rails
Walking the streets
Spanning the city
Ped Xing

Google Satellite Map


  1. Stewart O'Nan said...
    Maybe it's the Picksburgh in me, and that love of the vacant lot, the alley, the overgrown, but your industrial stuff is brilliant, and the treks inspired by the satellite images. Great, great stuff. Feels like we're on the mission with you.

    You've got me excited about the landscape. Like I might see something sublime when I go outside.

  2. This is the work of a man whose sensibility is strong, tensile, unique. Kudos!!!

  3. Concrete and pipes can look so industrial and cold, but there is a strong beauty about it. It's a working mans garden.

  4. I've started reading your blog, I really like your approach--I've never been able to justify my attraction to urban decay in such positive terms, even though I knew they were there. Nice pix, and a good use of Google earth.