These Streets Are Alive With Revelations

Ft. Hamilton Parkway, early September 2007


  1. Fast food/death . . . The graveyard of taste . . . In a blink: The cycle of life, consumption, and death . . . Indeed, these streets are alive with revelations, a garden of metaphors waiting to be harvested.

  2. Subject: Rimbaud, Van Gogh, and the DoDo!!!!

    Never might not be one of the "cretins" with the "kudos" the "dosh," and the sycophantic, pliable depraved "babes." But you have achieved "THE INEVITABLE." You have joined "the race of those who sang on the scaffold, and YOU, You Alone, are witness to your rightness and your glory. What you say with your photographs is oracular, and Hogarthian, and absolutely correct."

    Selah, and Cheers